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For thousands of years, civilizations have dedicated areas and constructed memorials to honor loved ones.  Today, perhaps more than ever before, we understand the need to cherish the lives, passions, and beliefs of those who came before us.

When you choose cremation, selecting a place of permanent remembrance is one of the most important things you can do to celebrate the memory of a loved one or yourself.  It not only gives family and friends a place to reflect and pay tribute, but it also helps to create an enduring legacy for future generations.

Where will you or your loved one’s cremated remains or ashes be two, ten, or even fifty years from now?

Many people overlook the importance of cemetery property for those who choose cremation, but permanent placement, or final disposition, of the cremains is an important part of final arrangements.

A permanent site gives loved ones a physical place for visitation and reflection.

The ceremony accompanying the placement of an urn in a cremation niche or garden in a cemetery provides family and friends with closure after the loss of a loved one.

There are many ways to create a lasting and beautiful memorial for those choosing cremation.

As the number of people choosing cremation has grown, so have the available options for permanent memorialization. From simple remembrances to more elaborate family memorials, cremation provides the flexibility and the time to choose from a wide variety of memorial types:

Take time now to contact us and let us help you research some of these beautiful choices.  Creating a lasting, personal impression of a special life helps to ensure that memories will live on in the hearts and minds of family and friends.

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